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A victorious girl,brave but crazy.EUNISSE IS A ONE OF A KIND AND HARD TO FIND!!She can be either mean or funny AF!!!You will surely fall in love with a Eunisse.A lot of times she will be confused but sooner or later shell get it right.She will be complicated at times but take in mind that maybe its just her.Eunisse can be very isolated or open AF!A Eunisse will always understand you even in the most difficult times.If she falls for you,it wasn't intentionally.You treat her right?Shell treat you better!Know that she will always care for you and protect you. She is someone you surely don't wanna hurt,If you do,good luck because even if she does forgive you know that she never forgets!
Eunisse is so damn crazy .
She seems confused,are you sure thats not a Eunisse?
by ;-; :) .3. August 10, 2018
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