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Lee Hyukjae, or Eunhyuk on stage, is a member of the 15 member Korean boy band Superstars - Super Junior.

He is known for being the group's 'Dancing Machine' and is the partner of Lee Donghae, also known as EunHae (Eunhyuk and Donghae) OTP or One True Pair. Hosted 'Sukira Kiss the Radio' with his co-member Leeteuk until they were replaced by Sungmin and Ryeowook. Junsu from DBSK is his best friend.

He is also member of SJ's sub-group SJ M, SJ Happy, SJ Trot and Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk.
Eunhyuk is known for his gummy smile and oozing sex appeal when he performs.
by 10321 November 27, 2013
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Member of the kpop band Super Junior. Is amazingly sexy and has rock hard abs. Said to be secretly dating Donghae by fans. Gets molested by heechul just like all the other SuJu members. best dancer in Suju
Eunhyuk does an amazing dance on stage and ends with tearing off his shirt. All the fangirls faint
by Misol November 26, 2011
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The dancing machine of South Korean boyband Super Junior. He is known for his amazing dancing skills and is the lead dancer and rapper of Super Junior.
He is often referred to as Monkey or Anchovy.
ELF: That guy is no way near as good as Eunhyuk.
ELF2: Ouchhh...Eunhyuk just pwned him.
by SUPERWONDER June 19, 2009
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