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Guy :Maaateeee. How are we? Next time we see eachother love?

Girl: Your coming to my party bra.Next weekend

GuyL Eshé braaah
by nus. October 04, 2010
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A French person's way of spelling of the word, Eshay. Also, this is how faggots spell the word.
Hey Eshé, did you go and roll some people last night for their shoes, because you might be able to sell the shoes so that you can buy some KFC tonight.
by Mexican Deporter August 19, 2018
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An Eshe is the most prettiest arabic girl you wil ever meet. She makes you feel better when your down and she is very funny.

Never let an Eshe go.
Eshe is beautiful
by Boi123Boy October 03, 2019
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A guy who poses as a girl on the internet to be granted favors and stature in an e-community.

Also known as etrannys.
Joe says his name is Susan so people on the forum he subscribes to treat him differantly he is an eshe.
by Jeight May 10, 2008
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