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The human name given to the most romantic, sensual, attractive, purehearted soul there is. The mind of a conscious warrior who is strong willed and determined to create a loving reality. The most amazing spirit in human form. The one who sees all for who they are and can be unconditionally. It an honor to have an Esgar in ones life.
Did you see that hunk of a god!?, "yeah! His name is Esgar.!!". ;)
by Ggforyou January 29, 2018
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Esgar is the most caring person you will ever meet. He is loyal, hard worker,and a very sexual person. Esgar is known to have a very active sex life. Esgar's are known to have a huge penis usually measuring eleven inches. Esgar's know how to pleasure woman in bed. They are known to have lots of wealth and are most likely left handed. They are natural athletes, always competitive and always win. Esgar's are considered to be the best friends you could ever have. You can always count on them. If you meet an Esgar you should consider yourself lucky.
Damn their go's Esgar ; you can see his package a mile away!
by wonderwoman49 September 02, 2017
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Esgar is usally an african male with a very small dick
They are known to be unfaithful and disrespectful
"Girl:Ogh look there comes that brown bitch esgar"
by CAXA November 24, 2013
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