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Girl's name - Welsh -- Watcher, calm, quiet, observing life
She was Erylish in how carefully she did her studies
by suburbhater February 4, 2010
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ERYLLE is a baddie. that's it. a baddie.
omg, see erylle? she a BADDIE
by acarnx October 18, 2020
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Eryl As The Street Slang Word Meanin’ A Thug At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin’ & Ever Str8 Stuntin’.
“Yo!! Erstreet Eryl aka Eryl At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin’, Ever Str8 Stuntin’ & Ever Livin’ Life Fully. #Legit #Str8Dope #DatsWassup” - Da Goonie, Erstreet Harlem aka Harlem, Flea, Freshley, Stuyvesant & Kiery Weiry.
by Hzr May 4, 2021
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