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A nice, cute and pretty girl. She will move mountains to make her loved ones happy. A strong independent girl, she will do everything to get things done how she wants to. She gets so funny sometimes, it leaves u laughing in the floor. She is hot too and smart. Lots of guys want her but she already has a crush on sb. Erla is a whole package !
-My best friend just threw the best birthday surprise I have ever experienced !
- I bet she's an Erla !

-I have a crush on Erla but she always blows me off with these amazing sarcastic answers!
-Baside that she ia so perfect...she is always hungry ! ALWAYS !
by MoonChild May 06, 2015
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Erla - adj.

The state of being continually hungry no matter how much you eat.

Erla - verb.

Absorbing everything eatable inside an establishment.
"I am so Erla, I think I might be pregnant - I feel like I'm eating for at least four people."
by Handrea_CHOOL February 03, 2010
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