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A sweet guy, confusing at times doesn't know what he wants. Bigs lips has a nice body! Can charm you with his eyes and you just want to kiss him everyday!
Eriq is such a cutie
by Aj❤ November 05, 2014
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the coolest fucking kid ever. he is really cool and has cool friends. he's the bestest friend ever. his favorite band is Metallica and he's a beast at the guitar
Marcel: dude eriq is awesome

Shawn: dude yeah he is i wish i was like him
by rickyulrich September 24, 2009
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A pale ginger who stays a virgin for life and tells everyone he meets he is a super Saiyan.
Dude, don't be an Eriq if you ever want to get laid before you die.
by Beerisgasoline July 26, 2018
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