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When the man you're with is beyond cute. A combination of his name, Erik, and the word cute.
He's tall, handsome, with gorgeous eyes and an amazing smile. He's the funniest person you know, and the sweetest most tender guy you've ever met in your entire life. He loves to cuddle, pays for you without question, holds the door, and is just over all the definition of a gentleman. You know you'll marry him someday just because he's the only one you want and he's the type of guy that MEANS it when he says he loves you. He's the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, ridiculously sexy and intense while also making you feel comfortable and safe.
"Daaang girl, you're lucky! Look at that man!"

"He's Erikute, no big deal."
by sometimesmanmostlygirl March 28, 2010
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