SHE LOVE ONE BOY.... Shes kind and when you get her mad you will regret it.....
Erika i love your moves
by Jose_345 March 14, 2018
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she is beautiful and best at basketball. She is trustable person. She is a good sis 💛💛
Erika is my love
by Jolin November 6, 2018
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Erika is a fucking queen you best treat her with respect. If your not gonna treat her right then you need to gtfo. She doesn't deserve your cheatin mistreatin ass. You'll have the best sex you've ever had in your whole entire life with her. She will make you cumharder and faster then youve ever had. She is loyal as long as you are. So don't screw things up. Once you get on her bad side youll have to go thru hell to make it up to her but for real tho in the end its all worth it.
numba 1: Dude last night sarah rode me like an Erika.

ass curves tight beautiful sex queen
by ayyyye1738 January 30, 2017
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Erika is a beautiful girl. She is extremely musically talented. But, she also has the potential to exceed in any field of the arts. Or, if she puts her mind to it, any subject. She means the world to anyone who meets her, partner or friend. As a friend of an Erika, she is a great mentor and very friendly. She has her quirks, but they just add to the overall stunning effect.
"Who was that girl?"
"That was Erika."
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As a man, she will make you want to fight a lion, build her castles, defy even mother nature as you feel like there will be no obstacle too great in life to pass with her at your side. When she gives you her point of view, you should always respect it and never belittle it because you should prove to her a man exists that she can call hers. Never deny her the rightful place in your heart, mind, soul she needs to be cherished and treasured to prove you can give up everything and everyone to be with her, doesn't matter what challenges can arise she will be your support. Hope that she will slowly but surely share her life's experiences which have unsurmountable value to her, do not pressure her to be anyone else but herself, have the patience to listen as she is looking to be heard and comprehended. It is imperative to make her feel special in your own way, make her realize how much adoration you have for her and respect. It does not matter what time of the day you will have to remind her of how much you love her, as when you will hear it for the first time it is better than: every pleasurable thing you've felt it makes you only want to walk to her at no matter the place you are and propose because she is the right woman and will make the best: wife, best friend, lover, mother.
Erika no te vayas de mi vida, mi cielo.
by HiramDragon October 23, 2020
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Erika is bright always happy and laughs about almost everything you say of the teacher gets mad at her she’d laugh because laughing is one of her favorite things to do she also will never tell your secret to anyone she is loyal and artistic to
“Erika is my best friend

“Erika made me laugh so hard that I cried
by Elena27 October 23, 2019
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erika is the only person you need in your life to be happy. she will treat you with respect and love as long as you never hurt her, she has been through more than you think and has bottled it up for a while, sometime she needs someone to talk to. she is very appreciative when you are there for her, she is gorgeous but denies it, deep down she realizes she can get with any guy she wants but she only has her eyes set on one special boy that obviously likes her back, everyone loves erika, she’s positive and so very sweet, she is talented with instruments and has her mind set on her future whatever path it may be. she overthinks a lot so if you are her boyfriend please reassure her at any point in the day, just remind her that you love her and you are her biggest fan, she is beautiful inside and out, there is not one thing about her that you can’t love, she may have insecurities but they bring out the best in her, once you meet an erika you have to keep her forever, it’s your loss if you guys stop talking. keep her.
guy one “ who’s that girl over there?”

guy two “ thats erika, the love of my life.”
by erikalover January 8, 2022
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