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Ereyk's are too kind for there own good, normally people take there kindness for there weakness. Normally Ereyk's pour there heart out and just get left without warning. Bottom line being an ereyk suck's. They raise children that are not there's then when they get comfortable normally a woman will take them away from him.
by noboday anymore August 11, 2011
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Ereyk is a name that is vastly unique. Ereyks of the world loves their jobs and do them well. They love can take on tasks of many kind and handle them with the greatest of ease. Ereyks love children, even those that are no their own. They love the military and join because they want to serve a purpose in the world.

Ereyks are handsome and cocky. They know they look good when they try. Ereyks of the world love beanies and anything "skater" . Ereyks are sexier than most and know they can score any one woman they set their eyes on .
Ereyk- " Im too sexy for my uniform, Im so sexy it hurts . "
by ereyksgirl January 08, 2011
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