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Eralynn is a girl that does not like to play games. She is friends with mostly guys but has some friends that are girls. She loves dyeing her hair red but her hair color is brown. She is cute, out going, funny at some points, loves basketball, soccer, and cheer. She goes through hard times, And has to fake a smile most of the time. She is white but has a amazing tan.She doesn't realize when a guys likes her. She is also get pull into drama when she does want to. She has a big heart. She doesn't really care about other people's problems only, she only cares for her friends problems.she Loves Loves LOVES rollercoasters. She is kinda thick, and she has the best boyfriend in the World. And she gives the best advice.
Omg eralynn thank you for the dating advice, I want your life.
by Ponylover123ugly July 17, 2018
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