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The holy ministry dedicated to the teachings and message of the answer to life, the equation: ( ) ; █
I shall demonstrate how the equation of Equationism leads to the meaning of life!

Take a number, 1456 say.

(14) ; 56
1+4 = 5
5+4 = 9
5+6 = 11!

Therefore, the solution to (14) ; 56 is:


See! Now you see the light!


The Parable of the Old Man

The word of ( ) ; █. Thanks be to ( ) ; █.

And so the prophet Stavros went to San Fransisco, and on his way he met a man, a poor man dressed in rags. He inquired: "What are you doing here old one?"

The man replied: "Trying to discover the meaning of life."
And so Stavros took his hand, and led him up to the tallest of hills. They looked over the land, scrupulously.
"What am I seeing, oh wise one?" The old man asked. Stavros raised a hand. And with it, a bolt of lightening blessed with the grace of holiness razed the land before them, and carved into the ground: ( ) ; █. The old man stood, amazed.
"This is the meaning of life. All things lead back to ( ) ; █." Stavros said. And before the old man's eyes, a light appeared in the sky.
"This is Stavros, my student, my child. Believe him, and you will live everlasting." And so the old man bowed to his knees, and traced in the dirt: ( ) ; █. And he lived everlasting.

The word of ( ) ; █.
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