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The female equivalent of epeen.

1. epeen

short for electronic penis, this is used for losers on the internet to try and boost their self esteem by using a facticious item such as the epeen, usually refered to in size.
She was renowned for her epoon flashing

by Angryviv March 19, 2009
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You: Yo dude, you gettin that Epoon?
Friend: Yeah man, I met her on Twitch


You: Dang bro, why you leave us for the Epoon?
Friend: Cause I need to snag me some internet pussy bro.
by CheekyPlays May 31, 2018
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Female equivelant of e-peen
Dave, you have the bigger e-peen when it comes to gaming, but Veronica has the biggest e-poon!
by Mykrobe July 10, 2008
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