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The amount of epicness in any situation, object or thought. Measured in Epunits.
Mike: Dude, that guy just got hit by a car going like 60 mph!
Harold: Yeah, so, who cares.
Mike: Well, he was thrown like 30 yards and landed on his feet.
Harold: Dude! The epicnicity of that must be off the charts!
by [Garebear] October 09, 2008
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(Epic-nih-city) Having the property of being extremely epic. For use on those extreme situations where simply "epic" won't suffice.
Man, last day of snowboarding for the season, hiking Blackcomb peak in a t-shirt, not a cloud in the sky, beers in the sun apres, getting fresh powder lines in April!?! Complete and utter Epicnicity.
by Craig Kalnin April 24, 2006
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The emotion achieved from something being epic.
Rachel: I got into Soul'd Out, that really awesome a cappella group from Wilsonville High School!
Dan: That is like the epitome of epicnicity!
by misterfister15 August 09, 2010
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