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Derived from the words 'epic' and 'legendary', the word epic-dary signifies something or someone that is awesome enough to deserve instant and copious gratification (being epic) and yet not fleeting and should be remembered for a very long period of time (being legendary)

NOT to be confused with awesome milk (see: epic-dairy)
Tim: "Holy sh*t!"

John: "What happened?"

Tim: "I just nuked a frozen grape in my microwave."

John: "Sh*t, that's epic-dary!"
by The Invincible Blackman August 03, 2010
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an awsome and Great word that descibes the amazingness of events objects and other thingys. It is usally used as
a noun but can be used in every form. It also means just PURE PWNAGE. It can also be said with a great pause.

an antnyom would be meebo
(1) wow!!! those snowmen at Spring Mountain are EPICDARY!!!!!!

(2)WOW!! those snowmen at Spring Mountan are EPIC....wait for it DARY!!!!
by The AMAZING OWNER January 18, 2009
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