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The Epic Fap Fairy is an elusive (and possibly non-existent) magical creature that lurks on teh internets, waiting to cyber with you on anonymous chat sites.

Not to be confused with your standard camwhore, EFF is the perfect imaginary girl. She's ridiculously hot, and would love nothing more to help you enjoy your hand.

Be warned, you should never ask the Epic Fap Fairy for a picture, because as legend states, if anyone ever sees her, she will cease to exist, and then legions of omegletards will be forced to asl in vain forevermore.
Stranger: looking for a girl who wants to show me her boobs
You: oh, you mean the epic fap fairy?
You: you'll never see her
You: if anyone does, she'll stop existing FOREVER!
You: srsly.
You: O_O
by TheRealEFF November 16, 2009
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