1. v; Enunciate(transitive), Enunciated(past tense), Enunciating (present-tense).

a. To Pronounce, Articulate. Applies to speech.
eg. You need to Enunciate your words more carefully so that we can understand what you are trying to say.
by Bookworm February 5, 2005
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a very offensive word, used to demean foreigners.
You are such an enunciator.
by shontelle1234 July 26, 2010
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When a person place attention to certain words in a conversation or story often because of a political view or too much attention to the ethnic part of the story.
What is the deal with the news every time there is a story about the Latino community the news person reporting always does too much over enunciation of all the non-English words....its so annoying...and predictable.......and cringe worthy.
by Lucky for Sure November 28, 2022
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