A job that an employer posts for recently graduated students. A job that one supposedly can take after graduating, despite the super-low wages. And then, at the bottom of the job description: "3 TO 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE REQUIRED", as if they don't see the paradox in that statement.
ENTRY-LEVEL JOB OPPORTUNITY: CALLING ALL RECENT GRADS! Pay will be $7 an hour, chance of promotion after 10 years. Requirements: 3 TO 5 YEARS OF WORK EXPERIENCE IN THIS SPECIFIC FIELD. We will not consider anyone without this experience.
by j_ballin April 15, 2015
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In terms of music, it's used to describe bands/artists that are either mainstream, or most generic, in their specific genre/style. It's mainly used to describe underground and common unexplored genres.
Mogwai and Sigur Ros are very entry level post-rock.
by haiguisewhatsup July 9, 2010
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A position, usually within a company, that assumes you have no previous work experience. If hired for said position, the employee starts off with minimum pay which is determined by the company, and has to work his/her ass off to prove him/herself worthy of advancement, and often to reach the same amount of money that he/she was making at a previous job. Entry level often means that you are not in the position to negotiate wages at the interview.

Potential employee: .....and I also graduated with honors and a significant amount of work experience in the field....etc etc etc"

Employer: I can offer you entry level at $6.00 an hour.

by Pallonia January 29, 2009
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A person who pretends they can afford bougie products or brand but instead buy the cheapest item of said brand just to fit in. Can be used to describe someone’s behavior when they cannot live up to their carefully curated image.
For an item. I love Gucci and the ppl who wear it are hot.but I can’t afford it, but I’d like people to think I can. So I bought the cheapest of their belts. I’m an entry level person
For a person: he/she pretends to be so well mannered but is an entry level person.
by pseudooo10499 December 1, 2021
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A term that used to mean a job is supposed to be for people with no experience who are breaking into the respective industry.

Now it just means a job that pays jackshit but demands someone with mid or even senior levels of knowledge or experience.
"Entry-level job! We're looking for candidates to have 3-5 years of experience with a 4 year degree, do the job of 3 people! Paying $15/h"
by EverydayEverynight July 8, 2022
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Used to describe a type of car or a bike. Originally, it was meant to mean a bike or car that one might purchase when first starting out. In its current usage, it describes a bike or car that only the richest of the rich can afford.

People who use this term are classist and don't realize that one can buy excellent cars for $500, and an excellent bike for $70 used.
E.g. Bike shop: That shifter on your $700 cycle of yours is entry level. Nothing I do will make it shift right. You need to buy the Shimano XTR for $3000.

E.g. That $60,000 Audi is an entry level car. The only proper car is a Lamborghini Huracan.
by purandaradasa April 17, 2023
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