A beautiful being.Entle is a kind natured being with great prioritizing skills.She tends to love people very easily but also dislike them as easy as it was to love them.Her friendship circle is small and doesn't believe in telling just anyone about their life.She is a good listener
She is beautiful.The name Entle really suits her.
by MollyZayn June 8, 2020
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They are very pretty. A super-intelligent person. They are very popular and have a lot of friends, but they hurt deep inside and are very insecure about themselves. They are very smart and very organised. They tend to be very loud and excited. They have big glow-ups.
Guy: Did you see that kid Entle.
Guy who has a crush on everyone: Yea she super cute.
by Not Ariana Grande October 26, 2020
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A gender-neutral alternative to words like aunt, uncle, and auntle. Entle differs from auntle in that auntle can be used to refer to a nonbinary person who exists somewhere on the male-female spectrum, while entle can be used to refer to a nonbinary person who exists outside of the male-female spectrum. Entle can also be used in a general sense when the gender of the person in question is unknown. Just like aunt, uncle, and auntle, entle is used to refer to the sibling of a person's parent, a spouse of a sibling of a person's parent, or to someone who takes on a role similar to that often filled by an aunt/uncle/auntle/entle even without the familial relationship.

This term was originally coined by username "overexplainingautistic" on social media.
Hey do you have any entles?

What's your entle's name?

My entle gave me the COOLEST shirt for my birthday, wanna see?
by Vinegar and Oats April 14, 2018
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The orzest guy in all of phods, he can learn anything in one week.
by lolmanKiBeti November 23, 2021
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