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The name given to any adorable boy. He is ALWAYS the cutest in class, the loudest, likes to pull down his pants, is obsessed with boobs, is curious about his sisters' vaginas, uses the word "sexy" too much, he still pisses in bed & on the floor & doesn't aim well in the toilet. and pulls down his pants. he defends himself by kicking an other guy in the nuts or pulling down the guy's pants. He likes blonde chicks who are tall and he likes boobs. again. and he pulls down his pants.
He is very horny.
He is seven years old.
In the future he will have a lot of satisfied sex.
His big sister loves him very very very very much:)
He just pulled down his pants!

I bet he's an Enrik.
by I found Waldo at KFC March 04, 2011
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