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Endonesia would be the full name of the shortened Endo. Endonesia is the same as marijuana. The word Endonesia has been used in songs by the late East Coast rapper, Nororious B.I.G. I don't remember exactly which song Endonesia is mentioned in, be cause I am high on Endonesia.
I am high on endonesia. Damn, this endonesia is dank!
by Trent Reznor November 22, 2004
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Wrong pronounciation/mispronunciation of Indonesia(a nation in Asia) mostly by Indonesian people theirselves. I in the first letter of Indonesia is pronounced as "E" like Eraq for calling Iraq, and so on. It is not an accent in Indonesia.

Although Endonesia is not the proper way to pronounce Indonesia, lots of people in Indonesia saying it that way.
Endonesia to Indonesia is Etanium to Itanium or Eran to Iran. Many Indonesian says Endonesia for their country.
by ajong April 06, 2007
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