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Enderphilia (En-der-filia) is a paraphilia involving a sexual attraction to the fictional Minecraft videogame entity, The Enderman (or Endermen). Enderphilia is treated as a crime mostly by the fandom in some sites (E.G. Tumblr and 4chan) with perpetrators being placed on a bestiality register by SJWs after prosecution.
"I used to play the hell out of Minecraft as a kid. My favourite mob was the Enderman because of how creepy they were compared to other monsters. ...But all that changed when I found my older sister completely naked and fucking her custom life-size Enderman plushie. She was arrested and prosecuted for charges of Enderphilia..."

"...I will never look at Endermen or Minecraft the same way again after that traumatic event."

- George McFuck
by Some Internet Fruitbowl June 19, 2018
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