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The final evolution of Tepig, the 5th generation fire starter pokemon. Easily the most Badass new Fire pokemon in a while being some sort of mythalogical-chinese-kungfu-pig. Many argue that he is a typical example of pokemon designs getting increasingly 'busy' and overdone. Ignoring the fact that pokemon like Mr.Mime, Hoothoot, Weezing, Magmar and Shuckle (to name but a few) look as weird as shit could all be 5th gen pokemon and they would say the same thing.

All this goes to show that they have allowed themselves become cynical adults and have lost the childish sense of wonder needed to truly enjoy pokemon anymore. Go back in time and show the same twats Enbuoh when they were 7 and they would brick themselves at the sight of that fucking awesome boar thing with a beard of fucking fire.

He is also Pokemon No.500 and can learn a water move which makes him extra awesome.
Guy1: What the fuck is that?

Guy2: 'That' is Enbuoh, is a motherfucker.

Guy1: These new Pokemon look shit - back in the day Pokemon looked like stuff.

Guy2: Just for that I'm not sharing ANY of this delicious victoria spunge cake with you.

Guy1: :(
by Professor MOTHERFUCKING Oak January 21, 2011
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