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Emotional Kid AKA "Emo" or "Emo Kid".

One who rejects "pop culture" and joins the counter-culture realm. Usually has ideas contrary to popular opinion and seeks to gain a better understanding of life through artistic venues. May appear depressed, have black or red hair, and dress in a way that is contrary to what is popular. Thrift stores, art, coffee shops, underground music, and poetry are usually of great interest. Contrary to popular opinion, though an emo kid may seem depressed, within their own group there is an element of deep understanding and friendship. Emo kids see the world as beautiful, but its inhabitants as lost and depressing.
That good will shirt is so emo.

(Courtesy of "Artsy.not.emo" from the original definition of "Emo Kid")
Dylan: Are you an emotional kid?
Kyle: Yes.
by Kylowned June 24, 2005
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