Emotional Sex is when emotions act as a cockblock.
Emotional Sex:

"Yeah, you like when Daddy teases you like that don't you?"

"My dad died when I was 6."
by A Very Angry Pisces August 1, 2016
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Two people having intercourse in which the only means of expressing themselves is blatantly stating their emotions and reactions.
An example of Emotion Sex

Male: Horny
Female: Horny
(few moments later)
Male: Happy, happy, HAPPY
Female: Happy, HAPPY
Male: Alert, EXTREME, TENSE, Content
Female: Surprised, Confused, Disappointed, Angry, Misled.
Male: Hungry
Female: Violated
by Elder Youth September 15, 2008
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sex emotions - when you wanna have sex but they tease you
your playing with my sex emotions i jus wanna have sex !
by mshorny101 May 27, 2020
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