A more descriptive and catchier synonym for emo progressive or puritopian.

An Emotarian usually arrives at all of their political positions through an emotional calculus rather than a rational one; a formula by which any issue can be understood through the lens of unyielding idealism, with little regard for history or precedent, and fiercely defended to the point where any pragmatic thinking or compromise must be viciously characterized as "selling out," even at the expense of some immediate political gain over previous political conditions. They are particularly prone to assigning bad faith and evil motive to any democratic President who refuses to make speeches that sound as if Noam Chomsky, Dennis Kucinich or Michael Moore wrote them.
Emotarians are upset with President Obama for threatening to use force against Syria. They believe all war is bad, thus, any use of force—or threat to use force—is unjustified, and further evidence that the President must be a malignant fascist tool of a global corporate plutocracy.
by Shoqvalue September 10, 2013
combination of the "emo" fad with the "vegetarian" movement- into a single group of people. (This is done for right wing meat eating gun toting men/women who want to save time when saying 'emo and vegetarians'. they are combined into one very similar easily hated group to save time)
Look at that damn emotarian over there whining about some crap that no one cares about... Go fall out.. boy. Try eating some freaking meat so I can't wrap my hands around your waist and squish you... or maybe you should just go painc at the disco.

Adopt a Emotarian: For every peice of meat they don't eat, you eat three.
by Joe cartoon February 22, 2007