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Emo Attack is when a person confronts/whines to you about feelings. The person attacking does'nt need to be emo.
-"You've changed..."
-"i have..?:o like what? Apperance?"
-"I could'nt give a fuck about looks!! Think I'm friends with you just because of that??!?!
-"eh... Whats wrong?" (wtf crazy bitch:S)
-"Are you completely IDIOT?!?! I totally lost all my respect for you! How can you continue with that girl after what shes done! Dont whine to me about it, because i dont care anymore!"
-"fine....*cough* loser"

-Classical emo attack, i couldnt care less.
by Scented October 06, 2007
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When a group of emos (usually more than the amount of people you're with) are walking towards you.

It makes your heart jump... Are they going to throw tears at you? or perhaps their blood from cutting they keep in their manbags? But of course nothing actually happens and each group walks on to live another day.
"shit shit shit, emo attack alert!"
"fuck, do you wanna go into that shop?"
".. nah, we'll be right."
*emo's pass, indifferently*
"phew.... "
by asteroid smashington April 19, 2009
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To suddenly have feelings of sadness or depression with little to no provocation.

often comes along with an epiphany.
"Man, one second I'm happy, and fun-loving, then the next, i was a crying."

*long pause*
(other person) "you have some really horrible emo attacks." "wimp."
by that one guy 3.5 March 26, 2009
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