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This is the pathetic pile of scum in your school who sits in the corner and pretends to have problems, even though there is nothing wrong with them.
Your typical emo has the following characteristics:
Long Black Hair
A will to die, yet cower when you put a gun to their head
Will find some reason to brag when they cut themselves
Dark clothing
Will pretend to listen to Cradle of Filth, when they are diehard MCR fans
Have been sexually molested by their fathers

If you see such a creature around your school, it is highly advised that you poke it with a stick to make it cry. Remember, they may pretend to have emotion, but they are about as emotional as Adolf Hitler.
How to spot an emo through speech:

Goth: Do you like Dimmu Borgir?
Emo: No, I like MCR.
Goth: Sad cunt.

Me: Whats wrong?
Emo: Life.
Emo: I want to die because my fathers a bastard.
Me: Take a knife to yourself.
Emo: I don't feel like it right now.
Me: Fuck off and die then.

Emo: Help me my hairs a mess, and sos my life.
Me: Fuck off you retarded bastard.


Emo: Retarded Bastard
Mirror: yes you are.
by Luke Elliff May 01, 2009
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