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An Emo Bastard is an annoying dick that you have to socialise with because they linger about like a bad smell talking about THURSDAY and how they made them cry at the gig and how their RUFIO T-shirts colours are fading. Emo bastards like to cry about everything and play metallica solos on their guitars craply even though they tell people that they only listen to emo genred music. They like to attempt to steal your mates too so if you see one, normally wearing a t-shirt with a band that you havent heard of to be "cool" and/or have greasy skin/hair and trousers that are too tight/baggy, boot them in the pussy.
Mike Barker is Such an Emo Bastard, all he does is think hes' good at guitar and pretend he has friends. What a loser eh kieron?
by Jamie Chang December 30, 2003
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an emo bastard, is a guy who is not only emo, but thinks he is superior to everyone because of that. He won't socialise with anyone outside of the emo genre, refusing to be seen with anyone 'mainstream' even though the whole trend of 'emo' is TOTALLY mainstream now anyway. Also they won't broaden their horizons and realise there is a WIDE range of music that is way cool and not emo/screamo, anyone whos emo is a bastard anyway, an EMO BASTARD!! and anyone sticking up for an emo bastard is crap. also a female version is called an emo bitch and i have come across many in my time, with their stuck up bimboey materialism. what happened to individuality, jesus christ!

k im done
Emo Bastard- omfgz like lk at that shmexi bitch, she is 'teh sex'
emobitch - i hate that skank she totally copied my skinnies idea!! *straigtens fringe
by tadaaaa February 20, 2006
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Emo Bastard. 99% of the male emo population. A few of them do it to get chicks, and to get props on the ass they get from wearing tight pants. Just yet another fad that JUST showed up. This is NOT "just the way you are". I witnessed it pull it's ugly head out of the primordial ooze. All of a sudden mowhawks turned to fuexhawks, Bondage pants turned to Little Sister's/Mom's pants, and black metal turned to "screamo". Luckily for most emo bastards, they'll inherit a large amount of money and won't ever have to work a hard job. Stop whining, Hot Topic is NOT a hard job. Try construction, boys. But for those emo's who are poor and will eventually need a good job, have fun closing up those inch sized holes in your ears (I know I am).
Emo Bastard: "Hey Steph, I just wrote this poem.


'The way you talk to me is like a thousand sharp razors shooting through my ears. It makes me want to split my veins in half and bathe you in the fountain of blood. Blood. Blood blood blood. The blood will be red. Red is the color of the anger school fills me with. Parents make my eyes red with hate. Hate for the money they don't give me. Razors. Razors Razors.'


It like... might need a little work. But the heart is there. The emotions."

'Steph' (an Emo Bitch): "Thats like... so deep. And true. I feel you about that money shit, man."
by Valstein June 17, 2006
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People who walk around thinking they own shit but the only thing positive they have ever done is kill off their own kind.
Emo Bastard: Wow I'm so amazingly cool I only talk to other emo people who are just as cool and different as I am and shop at the same fucking store that rocks that I do omg YES I <3 black hair dye *blathers on*

Remember kids, run down the street, not across the road!
by Fezzik May 15, 2006
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Someone who uses the :-\ smiley on AIM.
He used the :-\ smiley? What an emo bastard!
by carlituhuh March 31, 2004
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A guy that doesnt exsist. Emos arent bastards. They might be misunderstood by you lesser accepting people out there, but just because they are different does not give you the right to steriotype them as bastards. Emo bastard is not a correct term.
Prep:look at that emo bastard over there, hes such a bastard
Me:why is he a bastard?
Prep: because hes an emo
by Emilyyyyyy8vvv November 11, 2006
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Non-existent:This is the lamest attemt at trying to be cool rednecks, by trying to bash emo. Rednecks dont have freinds so dont try and say emo's steal your freinds. Sounds to me like one of your " freinds" left you for a real punk rockin' emo.
non existent cause there no suh thing. emo batsard...lame
the emo bastard is non existant.
by brianxcore December 08, 2005
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