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The week a felmale has her little VIST
Poor emo week girl: Do you Have a Tampon?
Good friend whos always ready: On you're Emo Week? {Hands Tampon
by I'mInlovewithlipringBOY May 08, 2007
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When a website crashes, usually due to owner neglect. Named after an infamous non-event on popular British web comic Dog Egg, where the writer lost track of episodes during a series of emo related episodes due to be released during 'emo week'. The site spectacularly crashed and has never been fixed properly; Dog Egg even missed his 200th episode anniversary due to this fault.
Dave: Just checked that website and I'm getting php error messages ALL OVER IT.
Simon: Dear dear... All gone a bit emo week, hasn't it?

Mark: Holy christ update your website before it all goes emo week!
Adam: I can't be bothered...
by Rift Wolf December 01, 2006
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