When one drawn their pointer finger from the corner of their eye to the bottom of their cheek.
Emo person 1: *draws finger from eye to bottom of cheek*

Emo person 2: Nice emo tear. I totally know what you mean.
by Fall Out Buddy March 1, 2007
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A black tear drop drawn under the eye by an emo poser. Usually drawn by girls named tiffany who are seeking attention.
Wow, look at her emo tear, it's so smudged and ugly.
by runner. March 17, 2007
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1. What other emos say to each other when joking around.
2. What preps cackle in the hallway to other emos.
3. What melodramatic fake 'emos' scream when trying to act cool.
1. Oh my god you hurt my feelings, bitch! Emo tear!
2. Yeah, shut up, ha ha EMO TEAR!
3. God! You fucks! EMO TEAR!!!!
by Gwen Fawkes August 30, 2006
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Used to mockingly express sympathy for another individual.
Aww, isn't that sad? I'm crying big emo tears for you.
by No Dutch November 25, 2003
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