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A small town in the middle of Iowa with about 3,000 people and almost surely more than 2,500 of them are White, the otheres are a mix of some mexicans and maybe five black families at most. Most people are Catholic also with quite a few lutherans and a few other fairly small churches. In high school if you dont travel more than 75 miles to get your clothes from Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, ect. you are most likely considered poor and dont have many friends. In addition several girls at school wear designer bags/sunglasses such as Dolce and Gabbana, ect. There is absolutely no public transportation other than school busses(which are ridden by less than 20 high school students) or the busses that haul around mentally retarded people. Lots of kids get moped when they turn 14 so they can terrorize the town and get lots of warnings from police. Getting a car usually happens when a kid turns 15 because they can then drive to school on a school permit if they live more than a mile from school.
Most kids in Emmetsburg love to party and drink. This can also be said about most parents in Emmetsburg with that strong Irish background supporting our avid drinking habbits. St. Patricks Day is the biggest weekend of all for Emmetsburg just because it celebrates being Irish and getting completely hammered. As well as all the alcohol there are quite a few kids and adults in emmetburg who smoke marijuana. Lots of kids try it in high school but for most thats as far as it goes...when it comes to drugs in emmetsburg its a well known fact you can get whatever you want but those who do drugs are most of the time poor dirtbag losers living in appartments.
"dude whats goin on in emmetsburg this weekend?"
"fuckin nothing, theres a party but i heard it might get busted so im going shopping in mankato."
"yeah, i think im going to spencer to get drunk"
by robert emmet September 14, 2007
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