An Emily Riddell is a pretty damn amazing thing to find to be honest. If you find one make sure you hold on to it tight - for three reasons.
1. Its pretty damn amazing
2. It's EXTREMELY rare
3. It will probably try to run away

Also it is related to the 'emily' which if you read about it is pretty damn amzing too sooooooooo basically its like one of those but those are too pretty damn amazing to write about because it would take too long so basically read what the defiinitions say except the one baout the alcohol as am emily riddell is not really drinkable...

ANYWAY then imagine an emily BUT with a riddell and put them together to get an emily riddell which as i may or may not have mentioned is pretty damn amazing.

plus she has a computer with a stupid keyboard
wwoooohhoooooo I FOUND an emily i am like the most amzing person ever because I FOUND ONE I FOUND ONE I FOUND ONE and emily riddells are pretty damn amazing if you didnt know it already.
by pretty damn amazing April 16, 2010