A sudden need to defecate that becomes so urgent that you don't care who you may end up making eye contact with in the restroom as long as the receptacle has a drain hole.
I was in that long, afternoon meeting we had the other day at work and I had to duck out early because of an emergenshit...can I copy your notes?
by PlayOnPlaya November 02, 2016
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When your stomach cramps up all of a sudden, almost to the point to where you might possibly shit your pants. The chances of making it to the bathroom without defecating yourself are slim to none. Occasionally causes you to break out in a sweat. Excessive Taco Bell, Mexican, and Chinese foods can cause this.
I was sitting in the middle of lecture, when suddenly my gut cramped up in the worst pain imaginable. I had to run to the bathroom to take an emergenshit. Must have been that Mexican buffet I ate for lunch.
by laurlaurlaurlaur April 02, 2014
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