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Temporarily reactivating the facebook account that you have long since deactivated and abandoned in order to add and message a girl you recently met in person but whose number you were not able to get.
The Rules and Procedure of Emergency Book:

1) The girl must be someone you actually met in real life
2) Reactivate your facebook profile either that night or the day after but DO NOT add her yet. You do not want to come off as desperate.
3) After waiting 1-2 days after reactivation, add the girl.
4) If between the time of reactivating and adding the girl someone writes on your wall "Omg! Looks whose back on fb!!" or any other indication that you have just reactivated...delete it! This is because the key to emergency booking is not letting the girl onto the fact that you are emergency booking.
5) When fb friends with the girl, log onto fbchat. If she is signed on, then chat with her for either one session or more if necessary to build comfort, and then propose to hang out and get her number. Link the request with your initial meeting (i.e. "Hey when we met I was in a hurry but I was gonna see if you wanted to get together some time...")
*Note: If the girl does not partake in fbchat, then do the same thing via messaging, although this may be more drawn out as girls check their messages less often. But DO NOT have the convo on her wall!
6) After securing her phone number, do not deactivate your profile for at least 2-3 days no matter how much you hate God-forsaken Facebook. This is because you do not want the girl to be suspicious that she just got emergency booked.
7) After sufficient time has passed and you've saved pics of the girl onto your hard drive, deactivate.
by narfkarta February 04, 2010
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