A meme format, that has to do with the popular game Among Us. Originally created by u/imyourdadboiyee on reddit.
Bulletin Board #1: Daughter missing!
Bulletin Board #2 Daughter for sale!
by _Emper0r_ September 9, 2020
A button in Among us that calls a meeting to discuss who is the imposter. It is also a noob's best friend.
Are you kidding? He just pressed the Emergency Meeting button 10 seconds into the game for no reason!
by BigSmoke40 November 6, 2020
Phrase typically used by teens as a euphemism/cover for going down the street to smoke a joint.
Teen: "Going out, Mom..."
Mom: "Where, and for what?"
Teen: "Emergency Preparedness Meeting with some friends..."
Mom: "Have fun, be back for dinner!"
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 5, 2010