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An Emerd is a mix between an emo and a nerd. They are extremely talkitive and males are usually gay. Some of their traits are:
1. Love of black
2. Love of nerd hobbies
3. Fear of happiness
4. Unrelenting fits of depression
5. Fear of never having a love interest
6. Wearing of glasses/sunglasses with pink rims/lenses
7. Obsession with having every single thing scheduled in their PDA or other type of nerdy planner
8. Psychological issues usually doing with egomaniacism, and stalking of women way out of their league

The most popular hairstyle is two to three inches long in back, and swoops down to chin-length in front. Second most popular is the Sunday-School-Sam-Style. Both usually have a dark base color with lighter and usually unnatural colored specks. Combinatiaons are as the following:

black/lime green
black/engine red
black/lemmon yellow
black/hot pink

grey/lime green
grey/engine red
grey/lemmon yellow
grey/hot pink

brown/lime green
brown/engine red
brown/lemmon yellow
brown/hot pink

Emerds are nice friends to have, if you find a slightly less talkative one. They are always concerned with your health and make good study buddies. How ever, they can be a massive endangerement to you sanity if they dislike you. They will use every word in their slow-growing vocabulary, particularly the word prep, and will drive you to the brink of insanity and sometimes beyond, as well as screaming the lyrics of his/her favorite emo song at you. However, if you are friends with one, it would be advised to keep emerds away from each other. In short it could result in an appocalyptic catastrophe. I just wouldn't be near them.
Justin: Sorry, Freddy. I don't have time to tell you what our homework assignment was. I have it programmed in my PDA to own Jared on Halo at five, stalk Cassey at seven, make out with my pillow at ten then cry and cut myself all night while listening to MCR and killing sims modeled after my mom till about two in the morning.

Freddy: Y'know, from the other side, that's pretty annoying. I can't believe I'm friends with an Emerd.
by Anonymous Blankman April 26, 2007
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