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Emailfemale n. (E' male fee' male)

1. A woman or girl whom you contact through an internet dating service that doesn't want to meet you ultimately, but just wants to email you seemingly forever. 2. A match on a dating service who you seemed to hit it off with, but she never agrees to a meeting, and chooses to only email you as she did originally when you thought you hit it off. 3. Female met online who isn't interested in you romantically, but continues to email you with the most assinine crap on the web, or sends daily emails with "sup" or something equally inane. 4. Online woman or girl that you will never meet, yet she wants to still email. 5. An online female you will never meet that clogs your inbox so much crap it is bordering on "spam".
"I found a great match on the online dating service, but instead of meeting me, she just turned into an "emailfemale"."

I'm looking for a LTR, but all I end up with are "emailfemales"."

"Hi kissypants9556, thanks for answering my personal ad, and sending me those oh-too-clever Jeff Foxworthy pages, but I really don't need another "emailfemale".....hope you understand."

"This emailfemale has been sending me notes every day for a year, and I can't even get a picture from her"
by Viva Vic Vegas September 14, 2008
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