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Emagination (noun): 1)Possessed by those constantly wired on the internets.

2) One whom is a consumer of one of the following websites: specifically but not limited to, facebook, twitter, myspace, meatspin, 4chan, will most likely have emagination. Active DC++ users definitely have an emagination.

Usage- one with emagination will often analyze the inherent worth of the internet.
I.e: The Internet. “Where the Men are Men. The Women are Men. And the children are talking to this guy ie:BigWilly.”
ex: “If you stumble upon either a cp blog, LOLcats, 4chan, a myspace whore, a facebook slut, ex-wowplayer, you may be witnessing progeny of an Emagination.”

Emagination(verb): 1) Manifesting meta-physical constructs occurring concurrent with prolonged computer use. Usually, they are in the form of quick statements, in which the writer believes him/herself to contain great wit; more often than not, the writer confuses wit with the rhetorical.
ex: “Boobz. Large bo0bsss are Large!” “Spy Cat sees you!”
“I was bored and horny one night, so I stayed up late emagining trollish statements to post about the chicks' tits.”

Emagination(adj): 1) statements written that are emaginative lack adverb usage, and will either force a verb to be a noun, or use two different conjugations to equivalent resolve.

ex: “This chick’s complexion reminds me of Kagome’s face when Inuyasha finally admitted he loved her for the 103,394,000th time, halfway during the 384,302,000th episide, from the 293,000th season. Zomg Dick is growing. Dick is grown.”
I lost my emagination. Now I am really a nobody.
by TheWayFarer July 17, 2009
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1. People who make up all kids of shit on the internet. People that make up bullshit to make people like them more, or so they think.
2. One who is completey full of shit and everyone knows they are bullshit except themself.
3. One who lies continously to online friends to be accepted.
E-magination; "What the hell, like my life isnt too damn exciting that i will play counter-strike all day." - a cs nerd who plays cs all damn day, talking in a voice chat program
by Headliner May 28, 2007
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