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Elyssabeth is a name that comes from the Goddess Ariadne;
She is a girl who is very fun to be around, full of energy and laughter, is firey. Even though Elyssabeth is a procrastinator, she is very intelligent and creative.
You will normally see an Elyssabeth being the leader of something, likes to be in charge.
Is normally nice, unless provoked.

Elyssabeth is very beautiful, graceful, and can be intimidating.
Just think of it as a blessing to know an Elyssabeth :D
"Did you see her? That beautiful girl on the cheerleading squad? Yeah. Must be an Elyssabeth."
"Dang, why can't more girls be pretty AND intelligent? Like an Elyssabeth."
"She's a great dancer. Must be an Elyssabeth."
by Iviey February 05, 2010
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