Elysah is a pretty awesome and cool person, she is married to cayden, Elysah is everyones dad, cynthia is her only grand kid and Kate is her only biological child. Elysah is also going to be famous in the future and kaylee is going to live in her shed, and jenna is going to live in her basement, joey will just live in the mansion. Elysah will be president one day, because she is cool like the kool-aid man, even though Elysah is stupid and not so bright she has a youtube channel called DaddyLizza and if you're reading this you should subscribe to it, even tho elysah is dumb she still manages to get Straight A's and Valeria is also her wife.
yoooo Elysah wasssuuup dawg!
Elysah how you have straight A's you're kinda dumb
by YourDadLizza May 8, 2019
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Elysah is not a red head, she is most likely has black hair and is brown. She is tall, not short, and her bestfriend is always going to be a kayLee, even tho she has a lot of friends Elysah lovesss food and mason even though mason is weird she still loves him. Elysah is sporty she likes a soccer. she has a youtube channel called DaddyLizza she will be famous.
Hi Elysah! you're cool!
by YourDadLizza May 7, 2019
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she supper nice. she is a red head. she loves her friends and her dogs. she is short.
elysah is the bestest friend you could ever have
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