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An absolute Chad with a 10inch dick every girl is after but he gives absolutely no fucks and fucks your mum for fun
Ayo G that guy is a total Elroie

Elroie gets all the puss
by I3tepu22y September 11, 2020
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A hunk of a man. Some would even call it an alpha male. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous to the opposite gender
Damn bro he do be Elroy today
by gustavo 🪨 November 22, 2021
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This guy is just different in a weird and funny way.
Who put the remote in the freezer?

Elroy, Offcourse
by AFCA November 21, 2021
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Mad man. He is so fit. A bit btec really. Hes a nice guy though even if he's a bit clapped (only joking we love elroy). He also likes dead people (cough xxx)
You're such an elroy
by elroyissofit May 22, 2019
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