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A combination of all the Delphines of the world, a united force against evil. They are of superior kind. Anyone who tries to defy them with subsequently fail at doing so. They are so awesome that the slightest word spoken by one of them will scar you for life with sheer amazement. They like anything greasy and hairy...especially hairy or ''poilu'' (in their native french language). They are the unsexiest beasts to ever crawl the earth, are insanely awkward, enjoy food a little too much and groove like creepy old men.
Mortal 1: Just take a look at that crazy being... It's so hairy and awkward, it's... so grand! I just can't peel my eyes off of her, her awesome is scarring!

Mortal 2: (DEEP SIGH) Yeah, that's an Elphine alright... I wish I too could be so bitch-flippin' awesome.
by Selphine May 19, 2010
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