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The best girl in the world, she'll make you smile by doing nothing. She has the cutest little giggle. She'll make any guy fall head over heels for her, she's just THAT amazing. She's the best girlfriend any lad could ask for. I couldn't love her any more than i do. because she's just completely incredible in every-way.

And yet she still thinks she loves me more.
Silly girl :P
alex i love you miss Ella Fraser
ella i love you more!
by Aleeeeeeeeeex February 09, 2010
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Shes a whore, and she is fake and a liar. She keeps staring at Patrick and bc of that she is autistic . she is a common backpack stealer. she is very dumb and acts very stupid. she has downs and she is a drug dealer. She unties ppls shoes and she is ugly as fu**
Sidney: stop staring at Patrick
Ella: Im just pullin an ella fraser
Sidney: *rolls eyes*
by casey bergeron May 17, 2018
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