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Eliyan is an unusual way to spell Elyon or Elianna. She most likely is very sensitive about this, and hates it when people spell, or say, her name wrong. She is a very GOOD LOOKING (aka hot) person. She also dislikes being called hot. She prefers pretty b/c hot is 2 strong a word. She is a very funnay person as well. She is a person who has the personality of a 2 yr old. She is very in touch with her cultural heritage, and enjoys showing it. She is sometimes called Dr. Eliyan b/c of her medical knowlage. Eliyans are very

good at sports, mostly basketball, and especially softball. She will enjoy music, and is a good singer. She also has the strangest vocal range. Her hair is positivly perfect. Se enjoys chillin, and can be a little sleepy. She does not enjoy GH or Bio. She is a huge animal activist. She is a very reliable person. Eliyan can be a little annoying sometimes but she always comes through as every ones faveorite person. She most likely has one sibling, a male. eliyan is a dirivitive of Eli, and is a hebrew name
"wow, youve gotta love eliyan"
*eeeeee* "im sleeping"=
by sarivka May 02, 2009
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