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Elitocracy :Rule by egotists who have no qualifications for governing, but who have power to misinform through the media that they control, whether as newspapers, television, films or the Internet, using money that has been expropriated from tax-payers or monopolies and oligopolies. Often those who are regarded as 'celebrities' are members of the elitocracy because there are millions of people who admire them in some capacity other than the capacity to govern or inform truthfully. The elitocracy usually has a goal to destroy Western culture, through climate alarmism, globalisation, multiculturalism, homosexual marriage and attacks on Christianity. The elitocracy has fabricated thought crimes such as racism, homophobia and climate scepticism. The elitocracy claims the right to free speech for the views it disseminates even though there is little factual basis for them; however, it denies free speech to those with views that contradict theirs even though their opponents, at whom they sneer and describe as deplorable, have facts to support their claims.
Under the rule of the elitocracy the deplorables were taken by train to work in labour camps until they were worn out, and herded into gas chambers where they died.
by GregDeane September 21, 2016
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