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The knowledge of current internet subculture. One who is not eliterate would say that old fads such as Chocolate Rain, Rick Roll, and What What In The Butt are super new and quite hilarious.
Guy: Hey, have you seen that What What In The Butt youtube video?

Guy 2: That fad is so old, not to mention it wasn't very funny in the first place. You're not so eliterate.
by 21 Foot Terradactyl July 10, 2008
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Someone who can only read an e-book but otherwise is completely illiterate.
John: How come Jason can't even read Dr. Seuss books but he read all of War and Peace on his e-book?
Meechelle: Yup, Jason is completely e-literate.
by ElvisJumpsNine October 31, 2010
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How well one communicates via email, over the internet, or other various eliterate devices. If you have eliterate skills, you are able to communicate extremely well over any type of electronic media device, i.e. mobile phones, email, internet, blackberries, computer, etc.
(Pronoun) This person has excellent eliterate skills.

(Verb) He/she eliterates their message very clear.

(Adjective) John uses his eliterate skills to the fullest.
by Westside Thug Rider December 07, 2009
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