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Elika is an amazing girl with a sweet heart and funny personality. Elika is so beautiful that If you where to see her you couldn’t take your eyes off her. She is a great person to get along with and is fun to be around. If your are friends with elika your are extremely lucky and should never lose her. And it’s your elikas partner you are the luckiest person and should take care her cause you feel lonely with out her to comfort you and love.
OMFG Elika is so damn amazing. Look you beautiful she is how can someone get like that
by THEDRAGON105 May 30, 2018
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A total Mandingo. One may say that this asshole sometimes shows up to solve a rubix cube and fuck some bitches for money
"Oh look at Elika, up at it again with that disney channel flow. "
by Ninja Orgie Masquerade February 09, 2018
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