A special kind of energy used by certain women to perform various supernatural feats such as dupliaction, flight, shapeshifting etcetera
She used Elika to turn him into a squirrel. No fair!
by TFGOT February 2, 2021
Elika is a super beautiful person who is always making sure people are ok, although they can be stubborn they still find a way to make people smile and laugh they also love animals but maybe not all but they can still be caring and fun to be with but they can be sensitive or emotional!
elika is my bestfriend and they are the best!

elika was crying today :(.
by Love, Emily ❤️ June 16, 2021
A total Mandingo. One may say that this asshole sometimes shows up to solve a rubix cube and fuck some bitches for money
"Oh look at Elika, up at it again with that disney channel flow. "
by Ninja Orgie Masquerade February 9, 2018
"Damn! That's one fiiiiiiine elika!"
by emeyeendeewhy May 29, 2004
actions by a person that normal people would perceive as an asshat move; major acts of cuntery
It isn't even 8AM and she is already elika-ing about how unfair it is that normal people have banners.
by Not today, bish July 3, 2018