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The Elephant and Pony Show is the process in bipolar partisan politics where liberals (Democrats) and conservatives (Republicans) spar off on ideas phrased in a false dichotomy. The audience and electorate are convinced that the only possible solutions are the precisely two proposed by Elephants (Republicans) and Ponies (Democrats). Both solutions are actually awful, but the electorate are unaware of this, and incapable of discovering a superior third option. Elephant and Pony show is a variant of Dog and Pony Show, and it refers to the elephant symbol of the National Republican Party and the donkey symbol of the National Democratic Party.
I was watching C-Span and these Democrats led by Harry Reid were proposing socialist madness to health care reform in 2009, but the Republicans led by Mitch McConnell were proposing a different kind of madness which was more akin to fascism by allowing private health insurance companies, medical schools, and physicians' trade groups to reduce the number of physicians causing prices to sky-rocket. This is a regular Elephant and Pony show!
by manbearpig_1985 July 20, 2009
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