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Pony play refers to a type of BDSM role-play in which one partner assumes the role of a young equine—a pony—taking on its mannerisms and even dressing the part. The three types of role in pony play are (1) cart ponies, in which the "pony" pulls an actual cart that is sometimes called a "sulky"; (2) riding ponies, in which the "pony" is symbolically "ridden" by the partner; and (3) show ponies, in which the "pony" is asked to display some type of show-horse (dressage) skill, with the "pony" outfitted as for an exhibition. (Source: Wikipedia, strangely enough)
My girlfriend used to be into puppy play, but now she's more into pony play, and I'm the cart horse.
by bighominid February 18, 2015
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The act of dressing up as a horse for sexual or non sexual reasons. It involves trying and other horse like activities.
Ambredo is totally into ponyplay.
by Retroactive_fissure August 01, 2018
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